Body Piercing

The history of Body Piercing is obscured by misinformation and lack of scholarly reference, but it has been practiced by both sexes for centuries. In the United States, for example, body piercing has become very popular. In fact, a survey of 968 people in Lodz, Poland, found that piercing was more popular among urban dwellers than rural residents. Although there is no scientific evidence supporting this, the practice has been practiced by many people throughout the world.

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It is important for teens to ask trusted adults about the piercing process and the healing time involved. Body piercing is not necessarily a sign of self-identity and belonging. If you decide later that you don’t want it, you can always remove it or wait until it heals. However, it is still best not to attempt to pierce your body by yourself, as you can easily revert back if you change your mind. Never allow an unauthorized piercer to perform body piercing on your body. You could be exposed to serious health risks.

The majority of students surveyed claimed that they were unsure why they were getting piercings or tattoos. Some students said they did it for the aesthetic aspect, while others were more motivated by fashion and personal preferences. Almost half (52%) of freshmen had at least one piercing and tattoo. The average age of first body piercing was 15.3 years. Those with a tattoo or earlobe were most likely to have done it at a younger age.

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