How to Use Digitizing Services for Embroidery

Embroidery digitizing services allow you to create customized designs for your embroidery projects. Whether you want to create a logo for your business or a team t-shirt, digitizing services can make it happen. With our services, you can choose from a variety of images to add to your embroidery.

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To begin, just submit your artwork and any required information to the digitizing service. They will begin digitizing your design and will send you a proof for your approval. Once it’s completed, the design will be made available for download under your customer account. This way, you can download and pay for the finished product instantly.

Before you start the digitizing process, you should understand your embroidery design and how it will look when stitched. The size, shape, and complexity of the design will all impact the outcome. It’s also important to consider the fabric and thread you want to use. For example, some designs look better with fabric showing through while others look better with thread laid down. In addition, you should consider how much “push and pull” your embroidery design will experience on different garments. Link :

The process begins with partnering with the client. The digitizing service’s expert embroidery experts work with you to communicate your ideas and turn them into designs. Once you’re satisfied with the design, it’s passed on to a production team.