How Many Hits Does a Cart Have?

How many hits does a cart have? There are several factors that will affect the number of hits you can get from a cartridge. The most important is the potency of the cannabis oil that is inside the cart. The more potent the cart, the fewer hits you will need to get the desired effect.

The size of the cart will also play a role in how many hits you can get. A half-gram cart will have fewer hits than a full gram cart because they are typically filled with a less concentrated oil.

How long a cart will last depends on the person, how much they inhale, and whether or not they use their vape pen throughout the day. If you use a light inhaler, and only take 30 puffs per day, then a cart will likely last about three to five days.

Carts are usually sold in 500mg (.5g) and 1000mg (1g) varieties, depending on the product’s strength and potency. Disposable vapes tend to come in 300mg (.3g) sizes and the larger size tends to be a little more expensive but will save you trips to the dispensary.

The quality of the cartridge will also play a big part in how many hits you can get from it. The more porous the cartridge is, the better it will absorb the contents and deliver a better taste overall.

A good quality ceramic cart will deliver a more fuller flavor and a smoother hit than a plastic cart. In addition, ceramic vapes are more durable than metal and don’t corrode over time as quickly. They’re also more discreet and don’t cling to clothing or skin as easily as metal.